There has a lot happening on the plaas project from the plaas protocol to PLAAS Futures which the team has been working hard to bring to you.

There have been many changes to PLAAS and therefore we have opted to have token swap for the following reasons:
• To enable transfer notifications for plaas tokens with the new ERC777
• (500:1) swap ratio will enable liquidity for future developments

we'll publish a token Swap public address and swap instructions here (so bookmark this page!), once the swap goes live from the 16th of December 2019 to 16th December 2020. NO address will be provided in advance therefore be cautious and careful of fake addresses and phishing attempts.

Tokens not swapped will be re-distributed to the community after swap closes


plaas version 0.1 (pron. meechee) will feature an introduction of the extinction algorithim for validating farm produce.

anyone can be a plaas node validator! a PNV uses an rfid enabled node, to scan and record commodity parameters as determined by the contract requirements