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As Plaas team, We understand that in 2020, the global blockchain in agriculture and food supply chain market was expected to be worth USD 133 million; by 2025, it is expected to be worth USD 948 million, growing at a CAGR of 48.1 percent.

Benefits of Blockchain in agriculture include easy and cheap food batch recalls in case of emergencies, availability of the complete history of the product status, increased customer trust and loyalty, fairer payments, approved vendors, and proper compliance management.

Research Architecture

Through this architecture we will focus on system architecture, blockchain consensus algorithm, module wise breakdown, enabling supply chain using smart contracts, process charts and flowcharts of a system to understand internal architecture and overview of a Plaas platform

What is PLAAS?

Plaas is a platform that enables the virtual market for agriculture that empowers the farmers of Africa to seamlessly trade their animals and crops at market price, that will boost their income and information provided by farmers to enrich the crops will help others to match the standards. The app will help empower the farmers of Africa to seamlessly trade their animals and crops at market prices, which in turn, will boost their income. Moreover, the information provided by farmers will help others to enrich their harvest.
Overseeing Farm Inventory Modernizing Farm Management Software Fair Pricing Community-Supported Agriculture Incentivizing Sustainable Practices Enhancing Agricultural Supply Chains
AgTech IoT Optimization Oversight and Payment of Agricultural Subsidies Mobile Remittance for Small Farmers

What problems are we solving?

  • Lack of transparency in food-chain supply
  • Credit histories and difficulties in contract enforcement
  • Adulteration of agricultural and meat products
  • Manipulation of prices by the middleman and big businesses
  • Inaccessibly to quality seed and raw materials
  • Inconsistency in records
  • Limited access of farmers to non-manipulated information


The producers and consumers will be able to track and trace the origins of food crops and meats and rely on
immutable ledger accounts showing full details of the product they want to buy or sell

Records will be kept on one of the decentralized smart contract platform, thereby providing farmers with daily records about products bought and sold



The system will capture information in real-time by the use of Animal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies

Node Validators would inspect and approve the material sold on the platform. Moreover, they would also determine and examine the quality of the crops


Plaas Marketplace

Marketplaces allow farmers to put their items in front of thousands of other farmers and buyers, this will help them to get the right price for their item based on market price. By introducing agriculture marketplace on blockchain we will achieve following things

  • Transparency. Direct transactions between farmers and industry/retail.
  • Fairtrade. Redistribution of value in food supply chain.
  • User Friendly. Reduce costs to buyers without losing reliability
  • Food Traceability

Entities involved in Plaas with approach for Supply Chain

1. Farmer – a producer who can communicate about his production to the world by an app on his smartphone. When there is no such possibility, he/she can go to the nearest education center and trade from there if they don’t have a smartphone or education.

2. Storage – a network of storages and trusted places where products can be checked and securely stored. Elevators for grain have to be placed across the country to offer ease of access. Each of the storage has to be equipped with labs or certification offices which will allow the product to be sold. They determine its quality and if a product is traceable, they start it using RFID or blockchain.

3. Buyers – registered organizations capable to buy products and get them from the storages.

4. Logistic – if needed organization which will allow product delivery

5. Trading platform – a virtual place of the trade with easy access to everybody

Meet the Team

The Founders

Alakanani Itireleng
CEO and founder
Research, Development and Innovation
Felix Ugoji
Felix Ugoji
Co-founder and President
Chief Technical Officer
Koketso Pelo
Koketso Pelo
Chief Product Officer
Anderson Itereling
Co-Founder and VP
Chief Operation Officer

Kgosi Gaetsewe
Kgosi Gaetsewe
Chief Finance Officer
Tuelo Baikgatlhi
Chief Communication Officer
Personal Assistance
Trevor Musa
Trevor Musa
Chief Business Development Officer
Kgosi Gaetsewe
Sujeet Kumar
Chief Marketing Officer Ecosystem Development

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